How to select the right GLOBEFAN DC cooling fan, DC blower (part 3)

How to select the right GLOBEFAN DC cooling fan, DC blower (part 3)By Sales Dept.

Select the right fans needs to realize a concept – the system operating point. The meeting point of system impedance curve and fan flow performance curve calls system operating point. It is the best working point for the fan in this system. Refer to diagram 6. In general, the maximum fan flowrate is 1.5 ~ 2 times of the operating flowrate.

Examples of selecting fans:
1. As diagram 7 shown, curve M and curve L are the curves of the airflow and static pressure in medium speed and low speed for fan 80x80x25mm. The meeting points of the two curves and system impedance are operating point M (15CFM/1.3mmAq) and operating point L (10CFM/1.0mmAq). If the operating point L just meets the system cooling requirement, we need to make choice from following three statuses.
2. If considering the power consumption and noise level priority, select the low speed fan.
3. If considering for additional control circuits insert priority after systems sold, such as game cards, graphic cards, or disc floppy (CD ROM, etc.), select higher speed fan.
4. If considering both above, select variable speed fan. Please contact our Sales Department for details.