GLOBEFAN DC cooling fan, DC blower operating precautions

GLOBEFAN DC cooling fan, DC blower operating precautionsBy R&D dept.

1. Operating environment temperature: -10°C ~ +70°C. Storage temperature: -20°C ~ +75°C.
2. Do not touch on impellers, or the fan shaft could be damaged.
3. Do not operate fan in an inflammable environment, nor have the fan contacted with any liquid.
4. Do not store the fan in the environment with high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, dust, or keep the fan stay in a long time without operating.
5. The intake or outlet of the fan should have a safe guard preventing from paper sheet, insects and finger touch. Do not try to touch or stop the rotating impellers. Any blocking of fan operating may cause temperature rise, and then damage the fan.
6. Pay special attention on not to have the fan deformed while installation. Improper installation of the fan may cause vibration noise.
7. Avoid the fan from being dropped while transportation or installation.
8. Do not pull the lead wire and harness connector, or it may cause the circuit malfunction.